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Most of the foreign participant countries at the exhibition agreed that India is a high potential market when it comes to tourism and the number of Indians tourists travelling abroad is growing every year very swiftly.Read More
Israel has registered a record 31 per cent growth in tourist arrivals from India, with about 60,000 Indian tourists arriving in the country in 2017.Read More
Indian Business Travel Market Value to Rise to USD 93 Billion by 2030.Read More
Victoria, which is known as an education hub of Australia, is planning to woo Indian visitors as a leisure destination with its finest culinary and experiences.Read More
Egypt, famous for its pyramids and the Great Sphinx, is expecting more than a 50% growth in tourist arrivals from India this year at over 1.2 lakh visitors.Read More
Much attention has been given over the past few years to the rise of Chinese outbound tourism. And rightfully so, the nation of roughly 1.35 billion souls has undergone profound urbanization and gentrification during the last three decades.Read More
India is among the top 10 countries which have helped Australia record its strongest tourism year since the Sydney Olympics Games in 2001, according to media reports.Read More