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The Indian online travel market has been seeing a growth led by steep discounts and offers from market leaders.Read More
Sri Lanka is eyeing on Indian outbound travellers for the growth of its tourism sector through several promotional policies.Read More
Indian Business Travel Market Value to Rise to USD 93 Billion by 2030.Read More
India accounted for more than half of the 500-million new Internet users globally who have come on board in the last three years, a report by software firm Adobe said.Read More
The Greek National Tourism Organisation, as a part of its 3-year strategic plan, forays into the Indian market, starting 2017, to tap the increasing Indian outbound travel segment. Read More
As cruise lines expand rapidly in the East Asian market, the fastest growing in the world, India remains largely underdeveloped – but with new offerings this year and next, that may be set to change. Read More
India’s middle class is growing: The new middle class - persons spending anywhere between $2 and $10 per capita per day - has doubled in size to 600 million people between 2004 and 2012.Read More
Bali Island, Indonesias most famous tourist resort, and India, have a striking similarity, namely that both have a Hindu majority population.Read More
South Korea welcomed 88,917 visitors from India in 2016 up till July registering an increase of 47.9% relative to the same period last year.Read More
Bali witnessed 55.47% growth in Indian tourists visiting the country during the first six months of 2016 as compared to the same period last year.Read More