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Consumer goods firms worldwide are optimistic about their current and future investments in India, and with good reason. India’s potentially massive consumer base seems like a prime investment opportunity for many global firms. Read More
offerings from international cruise brands have gone up and Indian travellers are ready to loosen their purse strings to experience luxury.Read More
Thanks to high speed internet in urban spaces and disposable income of the millennials, report estimates the online fashion market to reach $12-$14 billion over next three years.Read More
India is evolving. In its seventh decade of independence, over US$1trn has been added to national GDP, lifting tens of millions into the middle class.Read More
About 40 per cent of the luxury products and services business comes from northern states of India, with Delhi NCR followed by Punjab and Haryana.Read More
India’s middle class is growing: The new middle class - persons spending anywhere between $2 and $10 per capita per day - has doubled in size to 600 million people between 2004 and 2012.Read More
Global whiskey — scotch and the American version — that was once considered somewhat old-fashioned, is now becoming popular among millennial drinkers, courtesy rising income.Read More
Middle-aged individuals generally have a sizable purchasing power, but are often overlooked by businesses. The challenge, is to employ marketing strategies that the older generation can relate to. Read More