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Despite the Indian team repeatedly not qualifying for the tournament, it is expected to have a viewership of over 100 million fans in India.Read More
A pair of new reports on the blossoming influencer marketing sector in India have found that an estimated 92 per cent of marketeers will launch some kind of influencer campaign in 2018.Read More
The course is all about understanding the top notch luxury brands and maintaining their exclusiveness.Read More
India is among the top five consumer markets in Asia offering retailers consumer spending growth of an average of 6.1 per cent over the next five years, says a report.Read More

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When Luxury is about Individualism

Detailing and exclusivity are two aspects which make an item coveted, say experts.Read More
Sri Lanka is eyeing on Indian outbound travellers for the growth of its tourism sector through several promotional policies.Read More

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India Partner Country of FITUR 2018

Building on the diplomatic ties that celebrated the 60th-anniversary last year, India is set to become the partner country of Spain’s biggest travel and tourism show FITUR 2018.Read More
The African island nation of Seychelles is focused on improving travel trade relations with India following the success of a three-city roadshow conducted recently in India.Read More
Global Ready Education’s India trainings are designed to educate tourism industry managers and front-line staff on how to better attract and engage Indian travelers.Read More
Snorkeling, hiking, cycling, diving, kayaking among other normal holidays is what Israel, a explore worthy vacation destination has on offer to woo the Indian traveler. Read More