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Despite the Indian team repeatedly not qualifying for the tournament, it is expected to have a viewership of over 100 million fans in India.Read More
India is a huge country with massive potential as a market for spirits. Despite legislation stymying growth in certain areas, producers are optimistic that a change in drinking culture is round the corner.Read More
The president of Longines since 1988, steered the company through the 2008 financial crisis. He says he has ambitious plans for the Indian market.Read More
Global whiskey — scotch and the American version — that was once considered somewhat old-fashioned, is now becoming popular among millennial drinkers, courtesy rising income.Read More
It’s easy to see why everybody is interested in India’s travel market. Before the year 2020, over half the Indian market will be booking their next holiday online.Read More
The number of India's ultra rich ( individuals with an annual income over over Rs 3 crore) rose by 16 percent to 1.17 lakh during 2013-14 and guess what their spending habits haven't changed. Read More

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Getting Inside the Travel Habits of Indians

Indian consumers have been bitten hard by the travel bug this year, with most rushing to the hills and mountains during the peak summers or gearing up for the upcoming festive holidays. Read More