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India on Threshold of Digital Revolution

A world of frictionless cash transfer, smart factories and everyone connected on the cloud may not be too far away, going by the intense discussions which took place at the Digit Summit 2016 organised at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore on Saturday.

“Technology has accelerated the pace of change and we need to ensure that this change is inclusive,” said Anil Bhansali, Managing Director, Microsoft India (R&D) Pvt. Ltd., speaking at the event.

Ankur Dang, Director, Software Engineering, GE Digital, spoke on a fourth wave of industry was on the cars, after the arrival of the steam engine, mass production and lean automation.

“This fourth wave, digital automation, will transform the industry,” he said, describing GE’s multi-modal facility at Chakan, Maharashtra, which can manufacture parts for four different industries under one roof using the same equipment. “You could be machining oil and gas parts today, and three days later, on the same machine, you could design healthcare parts,” he explained.

The next speaker, Balendu Shrivastava, Head of Marketing Science, Facebook India, spoke about how it was important to put people at the core of a company’s marketing strategy. “There are 65 million daily users on mobile browsing Facebook, this is a larger audience than most newspapers and channels in India have,” he said.

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Article: The Hindu / Image: Utsav Verma

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