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84% of Indians use Social Media – even on Vacation

What has turned into “Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook Post update” was once vacations, outings, visiting restaurants, or trying out new cuisines. We have become so engrossed into social media; that more than 84 percent of Indians connect to the internet even they are on vacation.

According to Intel Security’s study – “Digital Detox: Unplugging on Vacation” – a majority of Indians (54 percent) are not willing to leave their smartphone at home while on vacation and in fact (69 percent) claim to have felt a sense of anxiety over being unplugged.

Indians fared second worst globally, after Singapore (42 percent), in being able to abstain from social media while on vacation at 43 percent. 37 percent of Indians could not last even a day on vacation without checking social media.

Intel conducted a global study across 14 countries including India to better understand consumers’ digital behaviors while traveling. And Indians are far ahead than global peers in sharing sensitive information using public WiFi which can lead to cyber risks.

The study also highlights that travelers can be targets for cybercriminals who count on device vulnerabilities to provide them with a point of access to consumers’ data and devices. They can gain access to sensitive information via unsecured smartphones, laptops, and even wearables, while also collecting data from social channels.

Venkat Krishnapur, Head of R&D Operations for Intel Security’s India Development Centre said, “A huge majority of Indians often access and share sensitive information without considering the potential cyber risks of divulging credit cards details, works emails and personal information on unsecured public WiFi.”

The study notes, “More than one out of three Indians (36 percent) shared their personal data even when they realize that this will make them vulnerable, which is highest amongst the 14 countries surveyed.”

Krishnapur further stated, “Through this survey, we wanted to raise awareness about the need to adopt safe digital habits and share security measures to prevent personal information from being compromised while travelling.”

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Article: CIOL / Image: Asim Bharwani

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