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Indian Travelers’ Booking Habits

Booking Hotel Habits for travelers in India

Are you mobile as yet? Most of the Indians use mobiles for booking hotels these days. This is what has been found out by a survey by More than 70% of Indians will use their cell phones to book their hotel rooms with another 45% using a travel agency to book their vacation.

According to a survey, over half the people in India admit they book more trips today because of their cell phones:

  • Business trips (58%)
  • In-country vacation (41%)
  • Country event (37%)

Facts and figures about booking hotels

There were also some interesting facts that were collected from the survey about the hotel booking habit.

  • More than 40% of Indians booked through hotel using a personal computer or other similar device.
  • Nearly 40% admit they booked their hotel room while talking to their partner.
  • Another 36% booked a room while on public transportation.
  • 36% did it at the airport before leaving
  • 34% booked while at their office.

Based on the study, the key reasons people book a hotel using their cell phones is the guests’ reviews and payment method. Another revelation about hotel booking through mobile phones is that over 80% of people see their smartphone as their being spontaneous.

Other interesting findings

  • 68% said they’ve booked the same day as their travel.
  • 30% of holiday travelers book their hotel rooms less than one week before they travel.
  • About 36% of Indian travelers booked their hotel at the last second, doing it right before they got on the plane.

This certainly affirms the trend that most of Indians now rely on their smartphones for booking hotels and travel.

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Article: via SOEG / Image: Nicolas Mirguet

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