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Indians are great experimental Travelers, Survey reveals

Indians have searched for 231 different countries around the world in the first half of 2015 , opting for upcoming yet picturesque destinations like Ireland, Sweden, Greece, Switzerland and Japan. Indians share the throne with Australia, Indonesia and Japan.

Skyscanner’ data suggests that Indian travelers are heading to countries that offer an array of tourist attractions, unexplored terrains, vast landscapes, cultures, and rich heritage. Ireland, a rugged and romantic island with landscapes steeped in geological richness, has witnessed a 110% YoY growth in searches and is one of the emerging destinations for Indian travelers this year. With snow-capped peaks, wandering reindeer in deep green forests and the 24-hour daylight of the midnight sun, Sweden has witnessed a 106% YoY increase in searches. Greece (77%), Switzerland (15%) and Japan (12%) are some of the other countries that have piqued travelers’ curiosity this year.

“The Indian travel landscape is evolving and is witnessing a change in travel sentiments in a robust manner. In the spirit of exploration, Indians are looking for more unfrequented destinations. The diversification in destinations indicates a greater sense of adventurism, and should be heartening for the India tourism industry as a whole. With Skyscanner’s search “Everywhere” feature, travelers can search anywhere in the world for inspiration. With Skyscanner’s Best Time to Book interactive tool and “Price Alerts”, travelers can find their dream destination at the best possible price.” said Kavitha Gnanamurthy, Senior Marketing Manager, Skyscanner India.

While Indians, Australians, Indonesians and Japanese are searching for the most destinations among the Asia-Pacific region, travel enthusiasts of other nations are not far behind. With 230 searches, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea share the second spot in the list of experimental travelers in the Asia-Pacific region. Taiwan ranks third with 229 searches, followed by Philippines and Vietnam with 228 and 227 searches respectively.

Travelling solo is trending among Indian women

Another survey commissioned by Skyscanner, reveals that 70% of Indian women travelers have either gone on a solo trip or are planning one. The survey, which studied the travel habits of Indian travelers, highlighted that 37% of Indian women travelers have done a solo trip while 33% are open to the idea of travelling solo.

The Skyscanner survey revealed that while 33% of women travelers preferred a well-planned itinerary to avoid last minute surprises, 26% of respondents preferred a mix of planned and unplanned elements to discover and explore new places in their chosen destination. 19% of women were more comfortable planning their solo travel through trusted agents, while 16% of respondents prefer to explore their chosen destination without a planned itinerary or tour.

Barriers to solo travel

31% of women travelers avoid taking solo trips due to safety and security concerns across domestic and international travel. Fear of boredom (23%), family disagreements (13%) and leave from work (8%) were contributing factors to barriers to solo travel.

Top solo destinations for male and female travelers from India

Based on the flight searches performed by Indian travelers on Skyscanner, the most favorable domestic destination for Indian solo travelers is the capital city of Delhi with its amalgamation of various cultures and traditions as well as historic value. This is followed by Mumbai, Goa, Bangalore and Kolkata. While major Indian cities remain the domestic hot spots for solo travelers, the capital city of London with its blend of Roman history and modern culture emerges as the favorite International destination among India’s solo travelers, followed by Toronto, Bangkok, New York and Dubai.

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